Intro to Scratch

Grades K-1

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Beginners start coding with Scratch JR, Kodable and Scratch where the projects introduce them to functions that control movement, sounds, language, and visuals. Kids quickly learn to use the blocks and move into artistic creations they can animate with the use of the visual coding language.

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Students are introduced to blocks in Scratch when they are ready and show dexterity of use of the simpler blocks. The approach is always fun and immediately gratifying to children and they want to share their projects with parents and friends alike. It’s coding fun from the first minute to the last.

  • Grades: K-1
  • Prerequisites: None

Programming in Scratch

Grades 2+

Program.jpgIn this fun coding class kids go behind the scenes of Video Games and make their own using the programming language Scratch. Through coding activities kids create animations, stories and solve problems making this class a perfect continuation and/or introduction to Computer Programming with fun projects. Your child will be placed according to skill. The concepts learned in this class are applicable later in our follow up javascript, python and Unity classes.

  • Grades: 2+
  • Prerequisites: None

Offered: Spring 2018

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Intermediate Programming in Scratch

Grades 3+Scratch_IntermediateProgramming.jpg

In this STEAM Class we take your previous Scratch Programming Skills and Introduce Challenging Projects that incorporate your Current Scratch Coding Skills.

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Our instructors help you take it to the next level with Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Tinkering. Kids continue to hone in on Computer Programming skills, to make more challenging games.

  • Grades: 3+
  • Prerequisites: Programming in Scratch (or equivalent outside experience)