Coding for the Web

Grades 7th - 12th (ages 12-16)

This course is designed coders who are ready to take their Scratch skills to the next level. The web is a visual medium, therefore we will cover major concepts of what is behind the curtain on a website. Students will get some exposure to the main technologies of the web trio (HTML, CSS & Javascript). Guided lessons take students through basic syntax and logic in order to learn how easy it is to create and manipulate text, images and interactive, atmospheric scenes in a browser.

Some basic event-based animations. And students will, by class end, be able to build their own web projects.

Through deliberate practice of these concepts, we will explore some of the mysteries of the web and discover how powerful it can be to code our own web-based projects!

Coding for the Web

  • Prerequisites: At least 2 semesters of Scratch and/or previous coding experience

Class Overview

Groups: 4 - 12 (max)

Prerequisites: At least 2 semesters of Scratch and/or previous coding experience

The majority of these classes will take place in the popular platform. Each student will be assigned a personal account wherein he/she can create, save, explore on their own--during and long after class has been completed.

The initial class will acclimate students to the popular education-tool and coding playground https// . It’s features and value as an educational tool cannot be overstated. It is not only a storehouse for prior projects, but these can be shared on twitter and “forked” or shared amongst other codepen members and will be a life-long coding platform for our students.

Offered: Spring 2018

Who's Teaching This?


Our instructor and curriculum developer Beau J. has created this brand new class.