Python Power!

Grades 2-7


In this STEAM class we introduce the wonderful world of Python – an excellent language to learn and develop coding skills with.


We finish a new project every week; each project is easy for beginners to grasp and is designed to teach or reinforce one Computer Science concept.

  • Grades: 2 - 7 (Ages 7 - 12)
  • Prerequisites: None

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What do we learn?


A few of our class projects include:

  • Digital Rock, Paper Scissors
  • Turtle Race!
  • Secret Messages (encryption)
  • Plot International Space Station’s location
  • 2D version of classic Minecraft
  • And several more!


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Python Play

Grades 4-8


In this STEAM class we continue exploring the power of Python. We finish a new project every week as we begin to combine outside concepts, that students are likely learning at school, with Computer Science.

We write programs that perform algebraic operations for users, automatically round numbers, compute roots/squares/factorials, and draw colorful geometric shapes based on user input. This will reinforce the concepts they’ve learned while forming a connection between Computer Science and other principles.

  • Grades: 4 - 8 (Ages 9 - 13)
  • Prerequisites: Python Power! or equivalent coding experience

Who Teaches these?

Deniz Ozkaynak | Co-Director, Curriculum Writer, Instructor


With a B.S. in Computer Science & Game Design plus years of programming and game development work experience, Deniz created (and loves to teach!) Python  Power!