Python Programming

Grades 6-9

In this STEAM class we work toward proficiency with the Python programming language by coding several popular games!


We start by making a couple simple programs to understand how to draw moving graphics, but quickly move on to create the famous classic, Pong! Then we learn the inner workings of 2048 and Flat Jewels (a “bejeweled” clone) and write parts of the code to make the games complete and even more awesome than the original versions!

  • Grades: 6 - 9 (Ages 11 - 14)
  • Prerequisites: Python Play or equivalent coding experience

What do we make?



Our class projects include:

  • Hello World!
  • Moving square
  • Pong!
  • 2048
  • Flat Jewels

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Who Teaches this Class?

Deniz Ozkaynak | Co-Director, Curriculum Writer, Instructor


With a B.S. in Computer Science & Game Design plus years of programming and game development work experience, Deniz created (and loves to teach!) Python  Power!