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Every child in America deserves access to a strong STEAM curriculum both in and out of the classroom. As technological advancement accelerates and becomes more important each day, not everybody is able to provide these types of programs to all students just yet. Fill out the form to your right to recommend Happy Code Club to your school, PTO, non-profit, Girl Scout Troop, or other organization.

Why should you recommend us?

We constantly strive to market our club to parents, teachers, and administrators alike. But elbow grease can only go so far, we can't reach every pair of eyeballs in Fairfield and Westchester county! We need terrific parents like yourself, that are already familiar without club, to reach the key people in administrative positions at schools, PTO's, or other entities. You can make an impact by:

  • Raising awareness of the need for Computer Science programs
  • Recommending Happy Code Club as a reputable and fun provider
  • Connecting us with community leaders
  • Establishing a relationship between your organization and our Club

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